Vegetables from a clean leaf!

Tomatoes, cucumbers, salads and green of our company are a natural source of vitamins. We always provide fresh and tasty vegetables for healthy way of life.

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An unchangeable and crucial characteristic of our activity is the quality of products compatible with world standards. We grow our vegetables in Leningradskaya province and it assures their freshness and high taste characteristics. We use the newest Finnish technologies of growing vegetables so you can be sure that all requirements of ecological compatibility and safety for customers are met. Along with it our vegetables keep their taste and smell even on their way from gardens to market stalls.

In this project we use modern intensive technologies of year-round growing vegetables in a protected ground which have been successfully exercised in countries of Northern Europe during the last five years. Today our extremely modern greenhouse complex includes:


A block of greenhouses and service areas with total square of 7  Ha


Supplement constructions (a pond for accumulating rain water with volume over 10000 cubic metres), local cleansing structures


A power center with transformer substations


Total number of staff in greenhouse complex is 120 men

Vegetables for health, beauty and good mood

Agricultural LLC firm “Year round” is an ultramodern greenhouse complex built in 2014 with use of Dutch and Finnish technologies. In 2011 “Year round” started to realize the project of building in Pikalevo town “A greenhouse complex for the year-round growing  of vegetables in the framework of implementing the Complex investment plan of modernizing Pikalevo town in Boksitohorskiy region of Leningradskaya province admitted by an order №645-p of the Government of Leningradskaya province dated from November 13 2010. The project has been carried out in accordance with a long-term programme “Infrastructural provision of complex investment development and diversification of Pikalevo town’s economy” adopted by the order № 292 of the Government of Leningradskaya province dated from November 13 2010. 

The amount of investments in realization of the project was 

2 093 million rubles

Vegetables and an appetizing accompaniment for your table


Vegetable cold cuts and an entry simple in cooking. These are the horizons that we open for your cooking fantasies and skills. Fresh vegetables can be served as vegetable plates or edible designer accompaniment of main entries .

А.U. Drozdenko

Governor of Leningradskaya Province

— “Year-round” is one of the most modern greenhouse complexes in Europe which produces biologically clean products without using herbiсides. The agricultural firm will provide people of Leningradskaya Province and neighbouring Petersburg with fresh vegetables.


We grow over 6500 tons of fresh vegetables a year

Ecological compatibility, a beautiful  wrapping and a pure taste.

The crucial characteristic of agroholding “Year-round” is a high quality of production. Vegetables are grown in Leningradskaya province with use of up-to-date Dutch and Finnish technologies. All ecological compatibility requirements are observed (we don’t use herbicides in cultivation) as well as customers safety requirements.

The “Clean leaf” products are sold in a vivid, functional and informative wrapping. That’s why you will immediately notice vegetables, salads and green of agroholding “Year round” on market stalls. Find out yourself that on the way from gardens to market stalls our vegetables produce keeps its taste and odor.



Salad packets

Salads "Crispy" and "Sheet" in a new environmentally friendly packaging!

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